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Monday, June 8, 2009

Beauty Tools for Face

2 in 1: Eyebrow Tweezers + Blackhead/Whitehead Remover (Product Code: LF013)

Price: RM9.00
Postage Fee:
Free if purchase more than 10
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
- 2 in 1 Eyebrow Tweezers Blackhead Remover Grip (Random color will be shipped out.)
- JAPAN Designed
- 2 in 1 functions ( more convenient !! )
Function 1: Blackhead/Acne Remover
Function 2: Eyebrow Tweezers
- Clean and remove blackhead easily from skin of your nose, lip or chin
- Pluck unwanted body hair from your hand, eyebrow or nasal hair
- No Slip design to hold this grip tightly
- Washable by water or clean cloth
- Compact with light weight – easy to carry
- Color: random color will be shipped out
- Size: approx. 11.5 cm (length)
- Weight: 20g


* Disinfect or sterilize the tool before using.
* Performed after a steamy shower or facial sauna and alternatively a hot damp towel may be used to open pores.


* Please put in a place where children cannot have access to.
* Do not place near any fire hazards or electrical sources.
* Do not squeeze out whiteheads or blackheads with your fingers. Excessive force may cause infection and scarring.
* When dealing with deep acne, it's best to visit a dermatologist.

Miracle Face Slimming Sticker 10 pcs~Recommeded by Japan Reshaping Surgery Doctor /最神奇瘦脸美女魔术贴 10枚入~日本整形医师推荐 (Product Code: LF058)

Price: RM10.00 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
* Application method:
1. Stick on before sleeping and peel off the next morning
2. Stick on clean skin and paste on skin smoothly
* How to peel off:
1. Put some make-up removal around the sticker
2. Wait for 5-15 mins, then u can peel off the sticker without pain
3. Peel off slowly so that it wont hurt your skin cell
4. Wash your face after peeling off
5. Use once after 2 days
* Note:
* U might feel slight pain for first few time of usage because of inexperienced peeling skill
* Do not worry, as skin cell will grow after 2 - 3 days
* If u see reddish and slight swollen on your face, it will disappear around 1 week
* Please wait for your skin to recover first before using again

2 in 1 Face Up Roller (Product Code: LF056)

Price: RM18.00 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
* Stretch / Slim Massage Roller (for Face Line & Neck Line & Remove Double Chin)
* With 2 Types of Roller
* Effectively smoothen face muscle that are exhausted and stiff. help to slim down your face.
* Improve the edema condition of face. (Face that look swollen and bulky with excess fat or fluid)
* Can also be used to massage the neck area to improve blood regulation & smoothen neck muscles.
* Just 10 min everyday

Pore Cleaner (Product Code: LF055)

Price: RM7.00 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
* Wear this while u wanna remove make up or while washing face
* Tiny spots help to clean pores thoroughly

JOJO nose blackhead remover / 女人我最大推荐-JOJO鼻部去黑头清洗按摩擦 (ONLY PINK COLOUR AVAILABLE)(Product Code: LF034)
The woman I the biggest recommendation - JOJO nose department goes to the black clean according to the friction

Price: RM8.00
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
Material: Selects the newest antibacterial material manufacture (woman I most greatly intense recommendation, Taiwan open-shelf type sales volume first)

Application method: The water used moistens the skin, will wash the face the breast evenly to spread the face thin, uses the clean skin to brush again brushes gently moves, then cleans with the clear water then.

The relaxed elimination pore dirt dust, dirt and so on fat fill the pore, causes the pore to increase, with strawberry nose black said that bye-bye ~

When washes the face, the clean skin brushes can help you to eliminate the skin residual dirt thoroughly, maintains the flesh is clean.

Relaxed massage promotion circulation: Can carry on the effective massage during elimination dirt to the face skin, makes the flesh after clean exquisite neat.

Uses simply convenient: The simple operation lets you not need too many specialized skills, oneself begin to be possible to be a simple beautiful woman.

With ease has the multiple functions: The soft close design, lets the clean skin surface brush with the powder puff obtains the perfect union, the fashion cosmetology combination, with ease has.

材料: 选用最新抗菌材料制造(女人我最大强烈推荐,台湾开架式销量第一)

使用方法: 用水滋润皮肤,将洗面乳均匀细涂面部,再用洁肤刷轻轻刷动,然后用清水洗净即可.
轻松清除毛孔污垢灰尘,油脂等污垢者塞毛孔,导致毛孔增大,和草莓鼻 黑头说拜拜啦~

Superfine Nano Face Towel (Product Code: LF004)

Price: RM8.00
Postage Fee:
Free if purchase more than 10
Please refer to shipping and return page

* Personally i feel that this item is super, super clean.
* Made of superfine nano material which is 250 times tinier than hair silk
* Size : 24 x 24cm
* Helps to pull out dirt from pores which makes you skin clean
* Popular in Japan and every girl owns one
* 采用比头发丝还细250倍的超细纳米材料制成.
* 规格:24*24CM
* 在洁面时, 能深入毛孔, 把里面的脏东西统统清理出来. 让你感觉到前所未有的清爽. 连黑头都可以清洁喔. 非常实用.
* 在日本,基本每个女孩子都有一条.

Hair Remover (Product Code: LF028)

Price: RM6.00 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
* Achieve professional result within seconds with the powerful and safe Manual Facial Hair Remover
* No more pulling and plucking!
* Erase your unwanted hair with this cheap Manual Facial Hair Remover.
* Achieve perfect result within seconds with the powerful Manual Facial Hair Remover.

Oval Shape Face Slim Mouth Piece (Product Code: LF052)

Price: RM4.00 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
* Size: 7.5 x 2cm
* Country of origin: Japan


Ever dream of having small oval shape face? check out this Japan popular beauty tool with special adjustment design, only need 2 to 3 mins day and night mouth exercise to become a smiling beauty with beautiful oval shape face.

想要擁有小小的瓜子臉蛋,是現在所有水水們的理想臉型。獨特弧度設計特殊伸縮彈簧,每日讓雙頰運動約2-3分鐘,即可讓笑容更加緊緻美麗不鬆弛~ 臉型更加標緻且不自覺的嘴角幅度上揚,讓您隨時維持愉悅心情增加個人魅力!

How to use:
Place the 2 U shape in between the mouth and make the sound "O" to exercise the face, rinse with water after using and wind dry.


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