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Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!
Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beauty Tools for Mouth

Teeth Whitening Pen (with extra refill tooth tick)
/ 潔牙筆 (Product Code: LF002)

Price: RM19.90
Postage Fee:
Free if purchase more than 10
Please refer to shipping and return page

Are you worriying of yellowish and brown teeth?

Apply Whitening Tooth Pen, twice a day, you will have whitening teeth and brightening smile just in seconds. Best before date, interview, functions

with pepper minth fresh breath

Introduced by Taiwanese famous artist 伊能靜 and 大S

ingredients : natural, non- toxic

Direction of Use of Products:

1. Apply tooth pick on washed teeth

2. Apply twice a day

3. Wash the mouth after application of the product

4. Gently wash the tooth tick and dried it

5. Slightly cut the used and dirty part of the tooth tick, to have fresh pepper mint smell again


Slim Mouth Piece (Product Code: LF027)
Japanese most new product - smile exerciser--The corners of the mouth labiate enhances the compensator--Forever youth
Exports the Japanese newest sale new goods!

Price: RM13.00 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
Size: Approximately 8.5x3.8x2.3cm

The youth and the smile are person's precious wealth, what but 猤 with is, the youth time passage will go along with the years, but will smile the custom actually may accompany you lifelong. The natural smile is needs to practice, but this corners of the mouth labiate enhances the good tool which auxiliary is you exercises martial arts, it could help you to find beautifully, the most natural smile, the smile is the self-confident symbol, was also politeness symbol, anybody wanted the object contact which and was with smile on the face, to these expression indifferent person always evaded, but far it. Certainly also includes you, your boss, you works together, likes the human with you. The smile is one kind of intolerance, one kind of admission, it can reduce each other's distance, knew that often is easy with the smile facing other people's person to enter opposite party world, the smile is the successful cutting edge, therefore 猤 plays despises this corners of the mouth labiate to enhance auxiliary, it can cause you to think that the matter becomes. The face will be easiest to see the woman age the spot, face's line will pass along with the time loses the elasticity, the pine breaks down, when this kind of phenomenon will produce, usually will be seeks help in reshaping doctor pulls the skin, medical services and so on injection. Japan improves looks promotes and causes the stir most newly “young Yan the new policy - corners of the mouth 脣 shape to enhance auxiliary”, by the face five senses muscle nature massage movement principle, sends the skin to increase the elastic improvement face relaxation tightly.
The corners of the mouth labiate enhances auxiliary

* chats the expression change along with the daily life, the five senses muscle nature massage movement principle, in the linking makes the face muscular motion to enhance the face line, calls the face muscle's tension and the flexibility.
* the special design - face muscle omni-directional movement, increases the face expression muscle to be gentle, the corners of the mouth line dike rises, smiles enchantingly the performance.
* attaches the special-purpose transparent info clerk box, carries conveniently.
* perseveres suitable face movement, line superiorly along elastic UP!


*隨著日常生活中的說笑表情變化,五官肌肉自然按摩運動原理,咬合中使臉部肌肉運動提高臉部線條, 喚回臉部肌肉的彈力和柔軟性。

After taking out the corners of the mouth labiate enhances auxiliary, is suitable the lip to nip, each time approximately 3 minutes later rests, every day may use many times.
Matters needing attention:
1st, in the sleep please do not use.
2nd, please put in the baby to be unable to obtain place.
3rd, if tooth when makes the treatment, please suspend using this product.
4th, after the use, like in the oral cavity has the unusual feeling please to suspend using, and inquires the related question to the dentist.


Tongue Scrapper / Tongue Cleaner
美丽艺能界伊能静推荐艺人去口气的秘密舌苔清洁器 (Product Code: LF026)

Price: RM3.50 each
Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package includes:
* A tongue scrapper

What are the advantages of tongue scrapper? And why is it necessary?
1.This is highly recommended by Taiwanese Pop Artist to clear halitosis (bad breath)
2.To maintain oral health, to have brightening smile and fresh breath3.The tongue scrapper could also massage the oral cavity, which have slimming effect for the face

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