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Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alumi Curl Cap (Sunthermo) Light Pink

★ Alumi Curl Cap (Sunthermo) Light Pink ★

Price: 9.90

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Package Includes:

Multi purpose aluminium curl hair cap!
Multi purpose aluminium hair cap!

1. this item Can be used to set hair
2. this item Can be used to dry hair in shorter time
3. this item Can be used to "steam" hair for treatment

* We know how long those curlers takes to set your hair, yes we know. They take practically forever to set, but less than a hour to flatten out in the hot & humid Singapore.
* Recently I've been rather envious of Lylarose Ruth's hair because I've got no idea how she managed to keep those curls looking great always.
* Perm never fail to fry your hair, and after a while, it starts to fizz and everythings goes out of shape.
* With this cap, you can count on it to keep good looking!
* Apply some mousse, Dust it powder on hair, and roll on rollers. Put on Alumni Curl cap and blow hair with hair dryer through the hole. Blow for 10 - 15 mins or as desired and remove rollers to remove gorgeous curls.
* Can also be used to dry hair faster as the hot air gets trapped inside the cap and thus makes drying faster.
* When used with treatment, just wrap hair with a damp towel and put on cap and blow hair as usual.
* After curling your hair using any curler, such as Magic Hair Curler and Magic Hair Curl Stick, wear on this cap.
* The fast heat technology allows ur hair to b fixed within a shorter time






You want on the first volume of local, fixed-volume hair volume, and then put on amorphous cap Hole from the three areas, namely, hair dryer with hot air blown hole (do not insert directly into the holes with hair dryer), and then the wind blown hair dryer hole, cooling the hair, you can complete.

Wear this cap on, and use hair blower to blow your hair thru the 3 holes (do not insert the whole hair blower too near to the hair). remove the cap when your hair is in 'cold' state

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