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Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!
Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Smooth Legs Hair Removal / 全球热卖~全身除毛盘

★ Smooth Legs Hair Removal / 全球热卖~全身除毛盘 ★


Price: 22.00

Postage Fee:
Please refer to shipping and return page

Package Includes:

This is really a good, effective and useful hair remover.
We use My Smooth Legs™ Micro-Crystal Pads to buff away unwanted hair and exfoliate at the same time Each My Smooth Legs™ Micro-Crystal Pad contains thousands of micro crystal particles that gently but effectively exfoliate the skin while removing hair at the same time. Fast and easy, with NO smelly & harmful chemicals, NO cuts. NO fuss and NO razor bumps! My Smooth Legs™ leaves your skin smooth and comfortable.

Kits Includes:
* 1 Large Backing Pad
* 1 Small Backing Pad
* 3 Large Micro-Crystal Replacement Pads
* 3 Small Micro-Crystal Replacement Pads
* 1 Travel Case


Use My Smooth Legs™ only in circular motions, with slight pressure. Do not press down. Going first in three times clockwise direction then the other 3 times anti-clockwise direction. Repeat until all until all hairs have been removed.

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