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Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!
Promotion! SALE SALE SALE!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

★ 4 Steps Shape 莎堤萱琳4段减肥腰带瘦身腰带 ★

★ 4 Steps Shape 莎堤萱琳4段减肥腰带瘦身腰带 ★ (Product Code: LA004)

Price: RM25.00

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Package Includes:

4 Step Shape slims and shapes your body and promotes sweating with the help of Far Infrared Ray.

It gives out Far Infrared Ray, which helps sweating in local area effectively. It maintains the heat, helping you sweat in short time. It also increases the pressure of the waist area, protecting your waist from fat accumulation, which helps shape your body.

You may use it when bathing. This will help increase the Far Infrared Ray’s effect. If you often need to sit for a long period of time, you may wear it when you are sitting so as to prevent your waist from fat accumulation. You may also wear it when you are taking exercises. It will help you sweat a lot even if you take little exercise.

There are 4 zips on the product. It fits for waistline from 56 cm to 98 cm. In winter, it helps keep you warm. In summer, it helps you lose weight quickly if you wear it and take exercises.

how to use it
1. Choose the zip which fits you best.
2. The duration of wearing depends on individuals and the time it is used. Normal duration is 3 - 4 hours.
3. Hand wash with lukewarm water (30℃). Dry in a cool dry place.

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